The World is Curved

The Old Well, Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Trouble on the Hill

* * * * * 11 votes

Michael Harkin

First, I need to situate this with a little autoethnography. As someone who has spent his entire adult life in…More

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Wyoming. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Wyoming Way

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Michael Harkin

Leaves are turning, there’s a nip in the air, the parking lot by the library is suddenly impossible: yes, thousands…More

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WWI remains of a tank. Photo courtesy WIkimedia Commons

The Guns of August, Again

* * * * ½ 18 votes

Michael E Harkin

I have been thinking about World War One this summer. Of course, the centennial of the start of the Great…More

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Ornament Valley in Disney California Adventure. Photo courtesy Michael E Harkin

California Dreamin’

* * * * * 11 votes

Michael E Harkin

Recently I took my autistic-spectrum son to Disneyland Park in Anaheim during a nice stretch of spring weather. As one…More

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