How We Protest

Lord knows we need to protest. There are so many issues on which we, as anthropologists, need to be heard. It is hard to know where to begin. In our degraded political climate, where truth and knowledge are devalued, and the values we all stand for: opposition to racism, openness, diversity, protection of individual civil […]

The Ethnohistory of Trump’s Inauguration

It is possible for the world to change overnight, as it did last November. The boring certainty of a continuation of centrist, neoliberal policies gave way to an open chasm in which nothing could be taken for granted, including the relative global stability of the past decade. Trump had repeatedly suggested a willingness to use […]

The Creepiest Clown

While presidential politics dominated newspaper headlines this summer and fall, back pages carried news of a mystifying side show: encounters—or rumors of encounters—with “creepy clowns.” In August, children in Greenville, South Carolina, reported “creepy clowns” trying to lure children into the woods to a lair in an abandoned house by a lake (fears perhaps inspired […]