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Three Challenges for Applied Anthropology in Europe

In recent decades, European anthropology has rapidly advanced in academic and scientific fields. The pace of transferring anthropological knowledge to…More

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World Anthropologies and Transnational Collaborations

World Anthropologies and Transnational Collaborations

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Susana Narotzky
Monica Heller
Bela Feldman-Bianco

Lessons from the Virtual Seminar on Language and the Production of Anthropological Knowledge Since the AAA annual meeting in Montreal…More

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International Seminar on Language and Anthropological Knowledge

First  International Webinar in October 2013 Online event: October 6-25 2013 Real-time webinar: October 15, 2013 A virtual seminar pilot project…More

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Inter-American Symposium on Ethnographic Research in Education

September 18-20, 2013 Ethnographic research is inherently local, but it also requires comparison to build toward general understandings. Yet ethnography…More

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