Editors Edit

Ilana Gershon asked seven editors for their insights on questions that authors of books commonly ask. Five are press editors (Berghahn, Chicago, Indiana, Princeton, Stanford) and two are series editors.

A Conversation with Kristen Ghodsee

Maryna Bazylevych interviews Kristen Ghodsee about ethnographic writing, mentorship, and being a “critical humanist.”

Susan Lepselter on Her Prize-Winning Book

Susan Lepselter won the 2017 Gregory Bateson Book Prize for her book, The Resonance of Unseen Things: Poetics, Power, Captivity and UFOs (2016).  In announcing the prize, Karen Strassler describes the book in the following terms: In this exquisitely crafted ethnography, Susan Lepselter explores how the uncanny saturates the everyday among believers in UFOs in […]