We develop insightful, fresh anthropology stories for anthropologists and anyone with an interest in anthropology. Our aim is to champion engaging, incisive, anthropology writing and multimodal content from across the discipline. Think short-form magazine-style stories with scientific bite.


Anthropology News invites short-form essays and opinion pieces from anthropologists through calls for pitches and direct invitations. Currently we do not accept unsolicited pitches or approaches from freelancers. If you are an anthropologist and would like to submit a pitch in response to one of our calls for pitches, take a look through past issues of the magazine or our website and familiarize yourself with what we publish. If Anthropology News looks like a good fit, please email [email protected] with a short bio and an outline of your proposal and argument in one paragraph of about 250 words. Remember that Anthropology News is a magazine not a scholarly journal—our style and content reflect this. A link to a sample of writing for a nonspecialist audience would be helpful but is not necessary. An example of your photographs or graphic ethnography would be useful if pitching a photo essay or graphic essay. We read, consider, and reply personally to every pitch.

Essays are 1,600–2,000 words.

Photo essays comprise six to eight high resolution images and an introductory essay of about 600 words.

All stories for the print magazine as well as website-only content that is not submitted via AAA sections go through a developmental process with the Anthropology News editor.

Association News

Anthropology News publishes AAA news and items of historical record, columns from the executive director and AAA president, and features highlighting AAA members in the news and new fellows and awards.

In Memoriam

Anthropology News is the Association’s major vehicle for information about the deaths of our colleagues. Please notify the editor as soon as you learn of a death or to offer your service in writing a tribute for a colleague. In Memoriam notices are 500 words. We publish all notices on the website and publish the timeliest pieces in the print magazine.