Thinking about the Hard Stuff

Is it necessary or productive to label some science “hard” and some of it “soft”? It is how we deal with ever-present uncertainty that counts.

Welcome to 2021

In 2021, we will continue to grow and improve our accessibility initiatives. The accessibility work we are doing at AAA and as anthropologists continues to spread within and beyond our profession, and there’s lots more to come this year.

Stars from the AAA Sections

Last year Anthropology News invited sections to help us highlight some of the outstanding people in our discipline and the exciting, impactful work that they do, whether in scholarly, mentoring, business, public, teaching, or activist contexts.

The Virtues of a Virtual Internship

The pandemic prevented an in-person program, but that didn’t stop our 2020 summer interns from building professional experience and developing valuable skills for the future.