The Joy of Dialects

What a froggy mystery in Papua New Guinea can teach us about the pleasure and power of language diversity.

Going Native…In Other Words

What did the first peoples of native North America think when they encountered strange Europeans for the first time?

Language Lessons

A documentary film shows the challenges faced by Soli children as they learn in a language that is not their own. But does the future have to be in English?

Indigenous Languages through a Reclamation Lens

The United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous Languages is likely to reproduce the colonial logics that underlie dominant narratives of language disappearance and loss. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Whether you have an evolutionary story about social grooming, an ethnographic account of workplace gossip, or a linguistic tale of performative talk, we want to hear it.

What’s in Your Bag? 2019 Edition

From Amann, Jordan, to the marine environments of the Domincan Republic, anthropologists open their field bags to reveal notebooks, recording equipment, reminders of home, and even a speargun. What’s in your bag?

Galloping Horses and Gunpowder Women

A quick prayer and kisses on the cheek, and the women mount their magnificent Barb horses. The horses form a cavalry line at one end of the field, ready to charge; at their leader’s command, they start at a trot, holding their gunpowder rifles close. On the next command the women and horses accelerate to fast gallop, stand in their stirrups, and raise their rifles.