Álvaro Ínsua

Álvaro Ínsua, born February 15, 1935, died in Miami, Florida, nearing his 84th birthday on January 13, 2019.

Observing the Pandemic Today to Rebuild Tomorrow

The future is a foreign land, and right now it’s separated from us by a heavy fog. The only way to break through that fog is to look very closely at what surrounds us before it becomes too familiar, or before it changes again.

Teaching Capitalism in the Time of Corona

As we rushed into the new reality of Zoom meetings and video lectures, the course became a roadmap for examining the coronavirus crisis in light of the current neoliberal economic condition.

Stigma and Mental Health in Brazil

How might individuals undergoing treatment for substance use disorder internalize the cultural model of substance misuse risk and employ it to recognize social stigma and, possibly, to self-stigmatize?