How Do We Listen to the Living?

These days, images of Black women protesting proliferate, but often they are accompanied with captions that describe Black women as on the frontlines fighting for the rights of Black men, as if police violence does not also affect us.

Call for Pitches: FOOD

For our November/December issue, Anthropology News is putting all its eggs in one basket for a series about food production and consumption.

Molly G. Schuchat

Molly G. Schuchat, an anthropologist, editor, and local playwright, died on May 19, 2020, at her home in Washington, DC, of natural causes. She was 92.

Eric Henderson

Eric Bruce Henderson passed away after a brief battle with cancer in Tucson, Arizona, on March 31, 2020.

Jeffrey S. Juris 

Jeffrey S. Juris was born on December 10, 1971, and raised in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey. He died on June 18, 2020, from complications of a year-long battle with brain cancer.  

SAFN Announces Three Student Awards

The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition announces its three annual student awards for research and writing. Due to the turmoil and confusion of the last few months, we have delayed the deadlines for all three awards. They are now due September 18, 2020.