Elmer S. Miller

Elmer Miller, an extraordinary anthropologist, teacher, mentor, and the former Professor and Chair of the Anthropology Department at Temple University (1966–1996), died on December 6, 2019, at Cathedral Village in Philadelphia.

Naomi Esther Katz

Naomi Katz died at 88 in her apartment at The Redwoods in Mill Valley in the company of her sons, Lawrence Brickman and Daniel Katz.

The Liberal (Mis)Recognition of Illegalized Korean American Activists

While Joe Biden made his closing remarks at the Democratic Debate on September 12, 2019, in Houston, several protesters rushed the stage shouting “We are DACA recipients, our lives are at stake!” Their actions disrupted liberal notions of activism and immigrant liberation.

Conservation’s Not-So-Secret War

Shoot-on-sight policies effectively authorize extrajudicial killing and provide a stark example of the continuing coloniality of anti-poaching violence and its representations.

Good Questions

What sorts of questions should first authors be asking presses early on that they often don’t?

Sharing, Wasting, and Tasting in Our Mother Tongue

When I began my fieldwork on sanitation work in Bangalore, India, the city had already suffered two decades of class polarization and environmental degradation, after being marked as a site for low-cost solutions, back-end support, and offshore expansion. So, I should have suspected that the paradoxes of progress would leave me tongue-tied: lost in my mother tongue (Kannada), along with everyone else’s.

Notes from the Section Leadership

The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) was formed in 2014. At the last count, we now have over 350 members and are classed as a medium-sized section by the AAA. Our finances remain strong and we have a healthy surplus that we will put to good use, in widening ASAP’s activities and, in particular, supporting graduate students, early career scholars, and attracting those outside academia and those working in disciplines in dialogue with the anthropology of policy to the annual meeting.