Stigma and Mental Health in Brazil

How might individuals undergoing treatment for substance use disorder internalize the cultural model of substance misuse risk and employ it to recognize social stigma and, possibly, to self-stigmatize?

The Most Prestigious Address in Amman, Jordan

Through the branding Abdali as a luxurious downtown hub for transnational business developers hope to realize the project’s economic potential. But many of the buildings are empty shells.

Dispatches from the Language and Social Justice Committee

What can we do in a time when many of us feel deeply isolated and powerless in the face of social upheaval and injustice? Take action and collective responsibility.

The Future of Shareholder Activism

Traditionally, the norm for public companies in the United States is to hold in-person Annual General Meetings. Will the move to virtual meetings prompted by COVID-19 prove permanent in the United States and elsewhere?