Society for Anthropological Sciences Virtual Spring Meeting

Even if the SfAA is face-to-face in 2021, SAS is already discussing the possibility of have one or two live virtual sessions for those scholars that cannot make the meeting. It could allow for more equity and inclusiveness.

Debt and Dispossession among Maya Peoples

Contemporary credit and finance systems are ensnaring Mayas in Mexico and Guatemala in predatory practices that are being met by Mayas with forms of resistance that are both new and old.

New Approaches to Four-Field Anthropology

Is a four-field approach to specific anthropological research questions feasible in the modern era or is the idea dead? The authors suggest a new approach that makes four-field investigations practical and fruitful.

How to Make a Zine

Feeling boxed in by traditional professional or academic publishing outlets? A zine—a small self-published pamphlet or booklet—can be a powerful tool for unlocking creativity and expanding the reach and impact of your work.

Singing with Pippa Bacca

In noughties Italy, the Bubble Gum choir performed a liberatory counterimage of the feminine. Today, Bacca’s chorus breathes new life into the ensemble of characters and an impermanent but continuo art piece.

All Things Ape

One illustrator’s approach to conveying the multidimensional lives of apes with particular focus on their anatomy.

Addressing Food Insecurity on College Campuses

Practicing anthropology helps play an important role in bringing more awareness and understanding of the complex issues related to food insecurity. It can also play a role in developing and implementing effective strategies to combat hunger and protect vulnerable populations, such as college students.

“Good Practices,” Humanized Birth, and Waiting for Care in Brazil

If the objective is to make “good” birth a possibility for all Brazilian women, then maternal and infant health policies must make a more robust attempt to address the systematic exclusions of racially and economically marginalized Brazilians from the promise of “health for all.”