Sound Politics in COVID-19 Brooklyn

Last spring, New Yorkers participated in the 7:00 p.m. clap to show solidarity with “essential workers” and assuage feelings of isolation. They used noisy cacerolazos to mobilize collective anger and demand housing and labor security.

Knowing Across Cultures

Is the concept of knowledge the same for all people? How might new data push debates on knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in new directions?

What the (Prehistoric) Shell?

Archaeology involves the interpretation of material culture from peoples in the past. But we rely on contemporary theoretical concepts and analytical tools to study the objects that we find.

Coronavirus Days in Tel Aviv

Reflections on summertime lockdown and increasing public resentment over the coalition’s failure to control the pandemic.

“Mask Cultures” in the United States and India

By conforming to norms of mask making, mask wearing, and regulating physical contact, people in India and the United States are redefining what is acceptable social conduct.

Madelyn Iris

Madelyn “Micki” Iris passed away on January 7, 2020, in Chicago, Illinois, at age 73 after having been diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

Breaking Down Silos in Anthropology

How can anthropologists effectively collaborate across academic and government, business, and nonprofit sectors to communicate to the world what we do and get our repository of knowledge into the popular sphere?