Coronavirus Days in Tel Aviv

Reflections on summertime lockdown and increasing public resentment over the coalition’s failure to control the pandemic.

“Mask Cultures” in the United States and India

By conforming to norms of mask making, mask wearing, and regulating physical contact, people in India and the United States are redefining what is acceptable social conduct.

Contemplating the Urine-Industrial Complex

Urine matters at the opioid treatment clinic. It matters not just to the patients and the clinicians, but also to a multimillion dollar urinalysis industry that is inexorably entangled with the biomedical complex and the carceral justice system.

Breaking Down Silos in Anthropology

How can anthropologists effectively collaborate across academic and government, business, and nonprofit sectors to communicate to the world what we do and get our repository of knowledge into the popular sphere?

Clinical Decision Making in Rural China

Why do so many patients choose the arduous hemodialysis treatment instead of kidney transplant? What do their clinical choices reveal about family life and the socioeconomic marginalization of migrant workers in China today?

Taking Stock with ASAP Leadership

This is a time that begs for our attention as we think about public policy, the state, life as a citizen and scholar, and the salience of our communities.

The Pendleton Incident in Boise’s New Eagle Rock Park

How the gifting of a Pendleton to Boise’s mayor was a deliberate act of re-claiming Native presence and a sign of a growing partnership between the City of Boise and Boise Valley People.

Cryptocurrency Usage in Turkey

Miners, Bitcoin traders, blockchain-based project startups, financial journalists, amateur investors, financiers, and other actors all contribute to an emerging industry of cryptocurrencies.

Sounds Fishy?

Italy’s “Sardine” movement has been one of the most visible examples of grassroots anti-populist mobilizations in Europe. But how did the fish become an unlikely symbol of collective resistance to right-wing populism?