Debt and Dispossession among Maya Peoples

Contemporary credit and finance systems are ensnaring Mayas in Mexico and Guatemala in predatory practices that are being met by Mayas with forms of resistance that are both new and old.

Luck in Venture Land

Succeeding as a venture capitalist can be the result of carefully researching startup companies and experience in the financial markets, but venture capitalists admit that it can also be about being lucky.

Capitalism and the Coronavirus Conspiracy

In France, government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic inspire conspiracy theories and social confinement is perceived as capitalism’s threat to French society.

Selling Food and Watching Baseball in Southern Mexico

When the Oaxaca Guerreros Baseball players take the field from April to August, fans are likely to be indulging in tasty concession food. The familiar faces and voices of dozens of hard working food vendors are an integral part of the Guerreros baseball community and experience in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez.

Give an Ethnographer a Fish

“Fish are gold here,” the diver fisherman whispered to me as we stood above the wharf, watching the theatre of arrival below. As boats come into port in Monte Cristi – a historic Dominican fishing town– crowds of friends, colleagues and fishmongers gather to greet them, either hoping to score a few pounds of conch, lobster, and fish, or – in the case of fishmongers – attempting to make sure the entire boatload isn’t gifted away.