Evolutionary Foodprints

New approaches to the dental remains of early hominins and the diets of living primates are changing our understanding of what our ancestors ate and why.

Tasting Independence

Maggi instant noodles are a treasured favorite among India’s young people. Their banning in 2015 conjured youthful memories of rebellion and revealed the uncertainties of our global food systems.

The Coastal Edge

New technologies are refortifying our coastlines against anthropogenic climate change, drawing our water edgelands near and making them tangible and perhaps valuable.

From Cocoa Farms to Candy Chutes

The Wonka-fication of chocolate in American society is multiply damaging, increasing cocoa producer vulnerability to COVID-19 and further eliding the inequalities that characterize the value chain.

People of the Bean

An heirloom bean club brings culinary community and diverse foodways to its legume lovers’ doors.

Killing the Workers Who Feed Us

Keeping processing lines running at workers’ expense is not only a sign of our pandemic times. The meat and poultry processing industry has long treated workers as disposable.

2020 Highlights

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of our highlights of 2020! Thank you to all our authors and to everyone who contributed to Anthropology News this year. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Water in the Desert

In 2019, a nonprofit volunteer was acquitted of a misdemeanor charge for leaving jugs of water in the desert for passing migrants on the grounds that his actions were motivated by “sincerely held religious beliefs.” What can this tell us about religious freedom and state power on the US-Mexico border?