Call for Papers for Edited Volume, The Familial Occult

We are seeking contributions from scholars in anthropology and other related social sciences who have experiences of the occult (witchcraft, ritual magic, divination, charms, conjuring of spirits, etc.) within their families (the familial occult). We are especially interested in scholars who have member(s) of their immediate or extended family who practice or practiced the occult […]

MES Book Prize, Student Paper Prize Announcements

The Middle East Section is now accepting nominations for its biennial book award. This award is given to an anthropological work (single- or multi-authored, but not edited volumes) that speaks to issues in a way that holds relevance beyond our subfield. Criteria may include: innovative approaches, theoretical sophistication, and topical originality.

116th AAA Annual Meeting Call For Papers

Anthropology matters! is a call across the field to unite in our diversity, to embrace difficulty, be vibrant messmates, and promote the relevance of what anthropology is and does. Anthropology is best at describing the past, exploring the present, predicting the future, and navigating the processes of being and becoming human. Emphasizing the relationship between […]