Teaching Capitalism in the Time of Corona

As we rushed into the new reality of Zoom meetings and video lectures, the course became a roadmap for examining the coronavirus crisis in light of the current neoliberal economic condition.

Heat and the Coronavirus

The heat of the planet can be seen as the pulse of our social condition. Can heat also be a mirror to look at our life in the wake of the social crisis created by the virus?

The Distance of a Hockey Stick

In the era of an invisible airborne disease, the practice of walking on the streets, once unthought, is not only thought but fraught as we negotiate public space with new ideas about self-and-other hygiene.

The Future of Shareholder Activism

Traditionally, the norm for public companies in the United States is to hold in-person Annual General Meetings. Will the move to virtual meetings prompted by COVID-19 prove permanent in the United States and elsewhere?

Imagining Rural Immunity

Political myth-making about America’s rural “heartland” is doubly pernicious, increasing rural vulnerability to COVID-19 and ignoring the disintegration of rural health services.

Sign Languages as Disaster Entertainment

Sign language interpreters have become social media celebrities of our coronavirus moment. But signing is not a form of light entertainment; it should be lifesaving information.