Coronavirus Days in Tel Aviv

Reflections on summertime lockdown and increasing public resentment over the coalition’s failure to control the pandemic.

Taking Stock with ASAP Leadership

This is a time that begs for our attention as we think about public policy, the state, life as a citizen and scholar, and the salience of our communities.

When Trains Lose Their Way

While the COVID-19 narrative of social responsibility has become widely accepted globally, the experience of this sentiment is highly differentiated.

Pandemic or Syndemic?

The holistic nature of our discipline, which combines social and biological approaches in time and space, is challenging us to deeply explore a syndemic approach to study this pandemic and establish a stronger foundation that invites other disciplines to help us understand the multiple dimensions and lessons of all pandemics in human history.

Counting Invisible Populations

Given the unequal nature of life in global metropoles, populations often living in the shadows shine a hotter spotlight on urban inequality and the jaggedness of a neoliberal calculus that has scaled back even the most basic services during a time of crisis.

Fieldwork from Afar

While we elevate and almost fetishize in-person, long-term fieldwork, celebrating the dangers overcome and the intrepid who persevere, this is not the only way to conduct research.

The Hum of the Hive

A common statement we hear in the media these days argues that after the coronavirus pandemic things will not be the same. As someone who has lived through two pandemics already, I think we will adapt and largely return to familiar patterns.