Singing with Pippa Bacca

In noughties Italy, the Bubble Gum choir performed a liberatory counterimage of the feminine. Today, Bacca’s chorus breathes new life into the ensemble of characters and an impermanent but continuo art piece.

Sounds Fishy?

Italy’s “Sardine” movement has been one of the most visible examples of grassroots anti-populist mobilizations in Europe. But how did the fish become an unlikely symbol of collective resistance to right-wing populism?

The Funny Wrath of Italy’s Viral Mayors

In March 2020, a video of Italian mayors scolding citizens for failing to stay at home went viral. Only ostensibly insignificant, these clickable white men reveal new forms and affects of digital governance at the heart of twenty-first century politics.

The Urban Disease Revealed in Italy

COVID-19 brought to the fore the pathology of our metropoles. It is a pathology rooted in their economic structure, which draws from precariousness.

Back to the Future in Milan

How we decide to act as public anthropologists in this crisis will define the future of the discipline.

The Moon as Metaphor in Migration Research

I figure I was seven years old when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I remember being at my neighbors’ house, sitting on their oval braided rug, watching the small-screen TV. I can still picture those fuzzy black and white images of the spacecraft and astronauts. Neil Armstrong uttered his famous words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” I get chills when I replay that moon landing on the internet.