View from the first level of the Eiffel Tower. Photo courtesy wikicommons

Anthropology Fieldwork and the Third Man

I watched Carol Reed’s “The Third Man” (1949) again last week, and I was again reminded what a perfect parable the film is for the ethnographic encounter.  It begins with Holly Martins’ arrival... 
A composite image of the Western hemisphere of the Earth. Image courtesy NASA and wikicommons

What Can Anthropology Offer To Understanding Emancipatory Educational Practices?

A View From South America In my last column  I described some characteristics associated to emancipatory education as a perspective. I also stated that this is a long tradition in Latin America and has... 
Women working in a rice field near Junagadh, Gujarat, India. Photo courtesy 	Bernard Gagnon and wikicommons

Climate Change Isn’t Gender Neutral

Climate change is a global threat that increases the vulnerability of all populations, but not equally so. Given existing structures of inequality, access to resources and decision-making positions, and... 
Sphere design. Image courtesy Roger Price and wkicommons

Missed Manners (Part One)

Hey Tye, Sorry I missed class last week. My parents bought me a cruise.  Did I miss anything important. If you could send me the missed lecture notes that wood be great. Thnx! Faculty routinely receive... 
Tomatoes on the vine. Photo courtesy wikicommons

“That Book Changed My Life.”

This pronouncement was delivered by a graduating student about Barry Estabrook’s Tomatoland after she read it in my Anthropology of Food class last year. A searing indictment of the tomato industry in... 
The Fire byAdi Holzer. Image courtesy wikicommons

Noah and the Muslim Brotherhood

What does a new film about the biblical Noah, who built the ark, and the Muslim Brotherhood have in common?  Both have been banned in Egypt.  Muhammad Morsi, the stealth brother who was elected president... 
Dock at Roatán, Honduras. Photo wikicommons

Language as a Resource in Flowers Bay, Roatan, Honduras

The global perspective toward bilingual and multilingual education supports literacy in the student’s first, second, and the possibility of a third or more language to attain socio-political pluralism... 
Roofs in the town of Lijiang, Yunnan, China. The ensemble of buildings is listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Photo courtesy Uwe Aranas

What is Cultural Heritage?

Mapping a Concept, Integrating Fields The study of cultural heritage has expanded by leaps and bounds in the past five years. A rough measure of this growth can be seen at the AAA Annual Meeting, where... 
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