We develop insightful, fresh anthropology stories for anthropologists and anyone with an interest in anthropology. Our aim is to champion engaging, incisive, anthropology writing and multimodal content from across the discipline. Think short-form magazine-style stories with scientific bite.

Each issue of the print magazine (distributed to AAA members) is developed on a theme—often topics of general interest, current events, or discussions in the discipline—by the editor who works directly with authors. We invite contributions through calls for pitches and direct invitations.

The Anthropology News website publishes stories from the print magazine and much more in the form of topical and timely content from individual contributors and AAA sections.

You can browse our extensive archive of Anthropology News content and PDFs of print issues in AnthroSource. And you can find all content published from 2019 onward on our website where it is open for everyone to enjoy.

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