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Pina Bausch choreographed it (Pina), Louis Alberto Urrea’s characters share stories about it (The House of Broken Angels), Yinka Shonibare sculpts it (Wind Sculptures).

This summer, Anthropology News is limbering up for an issue about movement of all kinds in all places: movements social and political, mechanical and physical, prehistoric and current. Whether you have a story about migrating languages, an account of border crossings, a tale about primate biomechanics, or a chronicle of diasporic dance forms, we want to hear it. What does anthropology tell us about these processes, experiences, organized efforts, rhythms, and mechanisms? We invite you to consider motion and movement past and present—to get a move on for our July/August issue.

We seek engaging, creative pitches that approach movement in the form of an anthropology story, photo essay, graphic ethnography, or short sound or film piece.

Please send a 300-word pitch that outlines the story or argument of your piece, and a 50-word author bio to [email protected] by April 15, 2022. If proposing a sound or film piece, include a short clip. If proposing a photo essay, include one or two images. If proposing a graphic ethnography piece, include examples of your cartoon or illustration work.

First drafts will be due by May 23 and will go through a developmental edit with the AN editor. Full anthropology stories or essays are 1,600–2,000 words. Photo essays comprise six–eight high resolution images and a 750-word introductory essay. Sound and film pieces should be no longer than 10 minutes in length. Final pieces will publish in the July/August 2022 print magazine and on the AN website.

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