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We invite you to share your strategies for feeling connected and balancing home and work responsibilities in these social distancing times.

Photo of a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Switch game console.

Image description: A photo of someone’s desk that shows a white mouse, a pink and white keyboard, an Animal Crossing-branded video game console, and a computer monitor. The monitor displays an Animal Crossing character standing outside of their in-game house. charming meiler/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

How do we keep the social alive in our social distancing during this COVID-19 moment? What are your strategies for reworking home as workplace and school, or for managing life home alone? How can we stay safe and still be social and well with one another? We invite you to share the ways you are trying to manage work as well as stay connected, healthy, and compassionate right now, from teleworking spaces to yoga sessions over Zoom to baking recipes to Animal Crossing to phone calls with loved ones. Send 50 words to [email protected] and a photograph too if you like, or tag us on Twitter @news4anthros. We’ll share submissions on the Anthropology News website and publish a selection in our PANDEMIC special issue of the magazine for May/June. Stay well, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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