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This game is called #GuessTheInfant. Can you tell the primate species by looking at one of their infants?

1. This species lives in relatively small groups centered around a dominant male. This male will protect and take care of an infant if the mother is no longer in the group.

2. Only some lucky infants of this species get to grow up safely: in some populations up to half of all infants are killed by new males who arrive in the group and become dominant.

3. This species is sexually dichromatic (males and females have different coloration), but when they are born, all infants are closer in color to their mothers.

Primatweeps are a troop of great apes using their opposable thumbs to help you navigate the world of #primatology through fun and games. Find them on Twitter @primatweeps.

Answers to #PrimatePlaytime
  1. Mountain gorilla
  2. Chacma baboon
  3. Pileated gibbon


Luz Carvajal

Luz Carvajal is a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. They study the depth of apes’ understanding of their social world with the goal of contributing to conservation efforts. Find them on Twitter @LuzEnLaSelva.

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