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Another year almost done! Sit back, relax, and read some of the most popular articles on the website in 2019.

With thanks to everyone involved with Anthropology News this year, and wishing all a peaceful holiday season.

Top In Focus articles

  1. Japan’s Emerging Emotional Tech” by Daniel White and Patrick W. Galbraith
  2. Upsetting the Canon” by Mariam Durrani
  3. What Are Anthropologists Reading, Watching, and Listening To This Summer?” by Deborah Thomas, Chip Colwell, Ruth Behar, Mark Aldenderfer, and Kristina Killgrove
  4. Resisting Indigenous Erasure from Alcatraz Island to Elizabeth Warren” by Rick W. A. Smith
  5. Going Native…In Other Words” by Bernard C. Perley with Henrietta Black
A digital representation of a blue haired girl with a light bulb above her head.

From the top In Focus Article “Japan’s Emerging Emotional Tech.” Gatebox Inc.

Top Opinion articles

  1. When We Come to Anthropology, Elsewhere Comes with Us” by Ashanté Reese
  2. Government Of, By, and For the Trolls” by Adam Hodges
  3. Dear Graduate Student…” by Ashanté Reese
  4. Unapologetically Inaccurate” by Theodore K. Gideonse
  5. Anthropology Is Political” by Mariam Durrani
Artwork showing three identical black men in brightly colored tight-fitting bodysuits connected by webs of light, against a starry night sky.

“AfroFuture #1” from the AfroFuture Anthology, included in “When We Come to Anthropology, Elsewhere Comes with Us.” © 2018 Dario Mohr

Top Section News articles

  1. Activist Anthropologist Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison” by Jessie Fredlund and Daniel Yaw Fiaveh, Association for Africanist Anthropology
  2. Speak American” by Melanie Brown and Hilary Parsons Dick, Society for Linguistic Anthropology
  3. Ritualized Violence in Urban Guatemala” by Amir Mohamed, Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/ Global Anthropology
  4. “It’s a White Disease!”’ by Chelsey Carter, Association of Black Anthropologists
  5. Speak English or Else You’ll Be Put on Dish Duty!” by Jason Sarkozi-Forfinski, Society for Linguistic Anthropology
Graphic comic entitled "You're in ‘Merica..." Comic shows kitchen workers. Two workers are represented as are speaking in Mandarin Chinese in a text bubble. Another kitchen worker is shown thinking in a text bubble, "are they talking about me?" The comic then says "later..." The worker who wondered if the Chinese-speaking workers were talking about them says to one of the Chinese workers, "I need you to speak English! I know if you need help..." Even later, the Chinese speaking worker is shown thinking "WTF!?" Then the non-Chinese speaking worker says ", I don't know if you're talking about me..." The comic ends.

Huang, from Southeast Asia, being scolded for speaking Mandarin Chinese with her coworkers, included in “Speak English or Else You’ll Be Put on Dish Duty!” Jason Sarkozi-Forfinski/Flipsnack, 2019

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Featured Image: Michel Oeler/Pixabay