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What do you want to see in AN? Have you been wishing for a column that probes the anthropology of climate change or stand-up comedy or the tech industry or that interrogates the latest food fads? What about a column that focuses on a particular region or conversation in anthropology, or a column that offers a critical anthropological take on today’s political climate? This is your chance to contribute your voice to the website of AAA’s award-winning member magazine. Tell us what you would like us to cover—and let us know if you’d like to write it!

We are seeking Opinion columnists to write engaging, critical commentary for the AN website each month through 2019. We welcome proposals that run the gamut of anthropological research topics, from pop culture to ethnoprimatology to political and humanitarian crises. We are especially interested in proposals that turn a critical eye on the discipline and proposals from archaeologists, biological anthropologists, and practicing anthropologists. Feel free to get creative: Are you a food anthropologist interested in centering each monthly column around a particular ingredient? A photographer-anthropologist interested in doing photo essays? Pitch us your style and your idea.

What do we look for in an Opinion proposal?

  • Is the topic of the column narrow enough to be focused and flexible enough to address a range of issues throughout the year?
  • Is the proposal written in an accessible, conversational style that is provocative and pulls readers in?
  • Where is the main point? Is it in the first two paragraphs—where it should be—or buried in the conclusion?
  • Is it timely or topical? The column does not have to be about current events to be timely, but it should convey what’s at stake.

If you are interested in writing a monthly Opinion column for AN and are a current AAA member, please send us your proposal by November 2. See the Opinion page of the AN website for our current columns.

Send [email protected] a proposal that includes:

  1. A 250-word pitch that tells us the main topic of your column
  2. A 250-word writing sample
  3. A 50-word author bio

Please include your pitch, sample article, and author bio in a single Word document with your name and email address.

Do you have a great idea but no time to write? Send us an email with a brief description of the kind of column you would like to see.