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As stories of sexual assault and misconduct continue to make news headlines, Anthropology News invites anthropologists to reflect on the #MeToo movement and this particular moment in sexual politics. We would like your reflections on and responses to sexual harassment/violence and aspects of the #MeToo campaign in the context of the kinds of work in power, gender, and history that anthropologists are so deeply enmeshed in. From linguistic analyses of the #MeToo campaign to the ways sexual harassment/violence plays out within the field of anthropology and the wider world, we invite detailed, critical, considered contributions. Pieces will publish in the May/June print magazine and on the AN website.

Send [email protected] a proposal that includes:

  1. A 250-word pitch. Can you tell us the main point of your story or article in a few sentences?
  2. A 50-word author bio.

We welcome proposals for graphic contributions. Please send an example of your graphic work with your proposal.

Deadline: February 2