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Do you have a field notebook you can’t do without? A set of tools of sentimental value? A camera that has never let you down? Diapers for the little one? An evil eye bead because your friends, thinking that your fieldwork is really vacation, keep saying that they’re jealous of you?

The summer fieldwork season is already in full swing, and as you pack up to head off to your fieldsites, AN wants to know, What’s in your bag?

Send the following [email protected]:

  1. A high-resolution photo of the contents of your bag (e.g., The Verge)
  2. A 150–200 word description of what’s in your bag
  3. An author bio no more than 25 words

We will be accepting submissions from July 8 through August 31. Select submissions will undergo a thorough copyedit from the AN assistant editor, and they will be published on a rolling basis.