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This piece was selected as a runner-up of the AAA’s AnthroDay Student Unessay Competition in the high school division. This year’s unessay competition focused on the topic of Technology and how it has impacted human life or society. Students were encouraged to think creatively about the topic and respond to the prompt in a format they see fit.

Acknowledgements to the committee: Carla Guerron Montero (University of Delaware) and Andrea Kim Neighbors (Blue Star Families). Let me know next steps. Meanwhile, for my next trick, I’ll figure out what to use instead of for award winners in East Asia.


Hanyi Zhou

My name is Hanyi Zhou, and I am a ninth-grader at the Chinese International School in Hong Kong. I am interested in exploring human experiences surrounding illnesses. I also have a keen interest in generative AI. This project is my first attempt to merge both of my interests, which I really enjoyed.

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Zhou, Hanyi. 2024. “From Darkness to Infinite.” Anthropology News website, March 12, 2024.