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Articles Published by Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

The Social Contract under Scrutiny

Miranda Sheild Johansson, Gwen Burnyeat


Virtual Reality and Activism

R. Scott Wilson, Katherine Scully


Moving Between Academic Anthropology and Practitioner Work

Winifred Tate, Erin McFee, Gillian Tett & more…


The New PoLAR Editors Discuss Accidental and Activist Anthropology and Political Journal-Making

Sindiso Mnisi Weeks, Georgina Ramsay, Gwen Burnyeat & more…


Collaborative Manifesto for Political Anthropology in an Age of Crises

David Vine, David N. Gellner, Mark Schuller & more…


What Do You Mean by Abolition?

Erin Debenport, Melissa Maceyko, Maywa Montenegro & more…