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Transitioned from man to machine,
Life’s ease is fueled by our greed.
Lands abandoned, Meta embraced,
Social beings to mere ITs effaced.

Culture and traditions, left behind,
Modernity in mechanic binds.
AI arrives with promises anew,
Together we’ll progress, they coo.

Pause, reflect on the progress scheme,
Stripped of the ability to dream.
Deception woven into reality’s web,
Trapped as they seduce, their narrative ebb.

Dreams of kinship in a shared endeavor,
Yet reality’s mockery lasts forever.
Hierarchies form, equality proclaimed,
But what of those with no connections named?

No internet, just flickering light,
Broken roads, constitution out of sight.
Panch’s decision in the farthest lands,
Nature thrives behind Meta’s demands.

Tech elite sits on their lofty wall,
Screams for equality, laughs in the thrall.
A pulse beats for those in the farthest lands,
Nature’s rhythm beyond Meta’s commands.

AI claims equality, a dubious illusion,
Inclusion sought, but a distant fusion.
Rights, humanity, and the tech facade,
Echoes in the silence, a distant applaud.

Debate equality, another time’s call,
For now, inclusion—let it befall.


Maryam Riasat

Maryam Riasat is a social sciences of health graduate who combines a fervor for writing and research, exploring the intricate intersections of health and humanity and crafting narratives that bridge academia and the broader world.

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Riasat, Maryam. 2024. “The Deceptive Echoes of Meta.” Anthropology News website, April 30, 2024.

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