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The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition presented four students with its three annual paper awards at the 2018 annual AAA Annual Meeting. The Christine Wilson Award is presented to outstanding undergraduate and graduate student research papers that examine topics within the perspectives in nutrition, food studies, and anthropology. The winners of our Undergraduate Christine Wilson Award were Jared Belsky and Catherine Mackenzie Nelsen. Jared Belsky is a senior Environmental Studies major at Hamilton College, and Catherine Mackenzie Nelsen is a senior Morehead-Cain Scholar at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where she majors in Environmental Studies with a minor in Food Studies. Their winning paper was titled “Cultivating Activism through Terroir: An Anthropology of Sustainable Wine Makers in Umbria, Italy.”

The three award winners stand up, holding hands and smiling.

SAFN’s Ryan Adams congratulates Christine Wilson Award winners Jared Belsky and Catherine Mackenzie Nelsen. SAFN

The winner of our Graduate Christine Wilson Award was Alysssa Paredes, who is a PhD candidate in anthropology at Yale University with research centered on the dual pressures of environment and economy in trade between Japan and the Philippines. Her winning paper was titled “Follow the Yellow Brix Road: How the Japanese Market’s Taste for Sweetness Transformed the Philippine Highlands.” One of our reviewers said, “It is one of the most interesting papers in food studies that I’ve read in recent years… The research problem is fascinating, the theoretical framing is spot on, the depth of historical and ethnographic research is deeply impressive….”

The winner of the Thomas Marchione Award is granted to a student whose work addresses food as a human right, including a focus on food justice, food security and access, food sovereignty and other areas where social justice and food intersect. This year’s award went to Miguel Cuj Pastor, who is the son of Kaqchikel Maya parents who fled the structural violence of their home community and is currently working toward his PhD in Anthropology at Vanderbilt University. His paper “Violence, Nutrition, and Health Issues: Maya Memories in Guatemala” documents the structural violence of chronic malnutrition among the Kiche Maya of Guatemala.

SAFN’s Ryan Adams congratulates Miguel Cuj Pastor, winner of the Thomas Marchione Award. SAFN.

Please visit the SAFN website to learn how you can apply for these and other awards sponsored by SAFN. The deadline for this year’s contests is July 2019.

SAFN announces new student travel award

Stay tuned to learn more about the first competition for our annual graduate student travel award. The award, funded through the society’s endowment with the AAA, will support masters, pre-dissertation or doctoral research in food and nutrition anthropology.

The award will provide $800 of support to the research phase of a student’s project. All four sub-fields of anthropology are encouraged to apply as well as interdisciplinary fields that engage in anthropological methods and theory. Students must propose an original research project that engages directly with questions pertaining to food and nutrition.

For further information and details regarding the application, we encourage interested applicants to visit the SAFN blog for regular updates. We plan to announce the award competition by the end of the spring semester.

Amanda Green is an assistant professor of anthropology at Eastern Kentucky University.

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Update: The winner of the Christine Wilson award was previously is listed as Christina Nelsen. The name of the award winner was correct May 16 to Catherine Mackenzie Nelsen.

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