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As the year winds down, Anthropology News rounds up our most popular articles of 2018.

From critical reflections on the discipline and experiences of it, to grappling with fake news and social media through an anthropological lens, to discussions on race and diversity in the anthropological imagination and the United States more broadly, this year’s top articles (i.e., most read articles) speak to major political moments and the state of the discipline. Check out the top In Focus, Opinion, and Section News articles below, and let us know on Twitter what your favorite AN article was this year!

Top In Focus articles

Fifth: “Picking a Bone with Evolutionary Essentialism” by

Fourth: “Black Women and the Fight against Sexual Violenceby

Third: “What’s in Your Bag, Anthropologists?” by

Second: “An Anthropologist in Silicon Valley” by

First: “Where Do We Come From?” by

From the top In Focus Article “Where Do We Come From?”: Paleo River. Charlotte Hollands ©2018

Top Opinion articles

Fifth: “Inclusion Rider vs. Race Science” by Shalini Shankar

Fourth: “On the Absence of the Political in Four‐Field Anthropology” by Irfan Ahmad

Third: “Not As‐Seen‐On‐TV Forensic Anthropology” by Jennifer Byrnes

Second: “Starbucks, Racism, and the Anthropological Imagination” by

First: “A Theory of Propaganda for the Social Media Age” by Adam Hodges

The twenty-first century’s version of propaganda. GDJ / CC0 1.0

From the top Opinion article “A Theory of Propaganda for the Social Media Age”: The twenty-first century’s version of propaganda. GDJ / CC0 1.0

Top Section News articles

Fifth: “Translanguaging is Everywhere” by Betsy Rymes, Council on Anthropology and Education

Fourth: “Politics of Sartorial Choices” by

Third: “When Is It Cultural Appropriation?” by Barbara Jones, Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges

Second: “#Adulting and the Disordered State of American Adulthood” by Susan Hill, Society for Linguistic Anthropology

First: “Written in Blood” by , Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

From the top Section News article “Written in Blood”: Lisa Camper/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Cite as: “Top Articles of 2018.” Anthropology News website, December 17, 2018. DOI: 10.1111/AN.1057

Featured image: Jingda Chen/ Unsplash

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